NSW Waterski News

Change of date for the Bridge to Bridge

Posted on 8 August 2015

The date for the 2015 Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic has changed. The event will now be held on Saturday 7th November and Sunday 8th November 2015. Preparations were well underway for the 2015 Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic when the committee was extended an opportunity to move the event to the weekend originally requested by the Bridge to Bridge Committee. Excited by this offer to conduct the event on the weekend that will provide the best tides for the Bridge to Bridge, the committee immediately contacted various government authorities – state and local in an effort to seek a review of the already granted permissions for the originally allocated date on the Ski Racing Australia calendar, to use facilities, roads, ferries, ramps, land and foreshores for the 2015 Bridge to Bridge.Recreational and commercial river users were also consulted and negotiations occurred with parties affected by the possible change of date.

Wakeboard NSW had council approval to use Windsor Stadium on 7th and 8th November. After consultation between Wakeboard NSW and the NSWWSF, Wakeboard NSW kindly agreed to change the venue for their tournament so that the Bridge to Bridge could use Windsor Stadium on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November. After days of review councils and RMS approvals were received to change the date of the 2015 Bridge to Bridge